Some comments by current and past Interims.

Virginia has a strong internal comms network and gets to know her candidates well before placing them. In doing so she's able to choose the best candidate for the role. Having worked in house in multiple organisations she knows what's required and is able to carefully select the right candidates for the job. Having worked with her both as an interim and also as a client for many years I would highly recommend her

~ Marion Rubin

I have spent a wonderful year working for a FTSE 100 retailer during which I’ve been trusted to work in the way I believe best delivers results and which has led to my developing the global internal communications strategy. This was made possible by the care Virginia took in ensuring my fit with the business and her ongoing support and interest in my work throughout the contract. It has been a great experience for me

~ Julia Lloyd

I have found Virginia to be a supportive and reliable partner in identifying and securing interim contracts. Her support in the recruiting/placement process is second-to-none and her interest in her clients (both interims and organisations) is clear and focused on successful outcomes rather than ticking the box of filling a contract. Comma Partners is an excellent communications recruitment agency - full stop!

~ Adam Morris

Virginia is professional, focused and above all human. She made me feel valued as a client and went above and beyond to offer help and support. Virginia is really good at matchmaking candidates to clients and her bespoke approach means that you are matched with the right roles. What sets Virginia apart is her authenticity and integrity - people respect and trust her. She is one of the best recruitment agents I have spoken to and genuinely wants to do the best for everyone.

~ Edith Wilkinson

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