Comma runs events in London twice a year for its interims and coaches.

Upcoming Events

Coaching & Change

with Maya Fogg

(London) 19/03/2019 : from 6/6.30 - 8.30pm

Interest in coaching has grown enormously over the past decade or so, in the UK and globally. Now coaching has been introduced into every aspect of life where people strive to do better. This interactive session will explore the principles, techniques and tools used in effective coaching, and how it can support business change through leaders who will be more effective through self-awareness and capability. Maya Fogg an accomplished executive coach and intercultural specialist will lead the session. Clients gain unique insights and core competencies through her coaching and cultural integration programmes, which focus on bridging cultural mindsets and strengthening the effectiveness and performance of individuals and culturally diverse teams. She has worked with a wide range of sectors and organizations, including the pharmaceutical, manufacturing, energy, media and service industries in the UK, Europe and Latin America since 1993. Currently working on a coaching across cultures programme for non-British companies based in the UK.

Employee Voice

with Pam Herries

(London) 10/10/2019 : 6.30 - 8.30pm

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