Helen Martin

Helen has a 30-year career as a communications director.

Helen's 30-year career as a communications director has seen her advise and work on boards in Southern Africa, Asia and Europe, specialising in change communications. Having lived and worked abroad she understands the challenges of managing and working in multi-cultural teams and speaking foreign languages. Her interest in organisational change has led her to coach and train individuals and teams through change, to reduce employee resistance, accelerate acceptance and improve overall engagement.

Coaching style

Helen’s approach to coaching and training is solution and action-driven and is underpinned by positive psychology. She uses psychometrics and experiential learning to help individuals and teams understand how their behaviour may change when they are stressed, and how this may help or hinder their own development and/or the change process. Helen uses her knowledge and experience to support, inform and guide her clients to reflect, discover and learn for themselves while challenging their behaviour, attitude and self-limiting beliefs.


Helen’s global career has been for organisations including ING Bank, ABN Amro Bank, Deloitte, Cisco Systems and GE Capital. This past year, she has combined coaching and training at UBS Bank with finalising a master’s degree (focusing on the speed at which individual change can be achieved, given the pace at which organisational change is accelerating). Clients include C-level executives and directors from the Financial and Professional Services sectors, Legal, Energy, Oil & Gas, Education, IT and Telecommunications industries. She is a non-executive board member and chair of the nominations and remuneration committee for a Housing Association in the charity sector.

Training and qualifications

Helen holds an MSc. in Coaching & Behavioural Change and a postgraduate diploma in Advanced Coaching and NLP (both passed with merit) from Henley Business School. She is a member of the Association for Coaching.

She is accredited to use psychometric and emotional intelligence tools from Lumina Learning.

Helen is warm but candid and laser-like in her ability to get straight to the heart of the issue. She is highly knowledgeable and professional whilst remaining human and empathetic. Her understanding of psychology and communications mean that she can help mentor and guide in a realistic and practical fashion.

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